DME to invest in inclusive management for all

Youth unemployment is a growing concern throughout the European Union and deserves to be high on the political, social and economic agenda. Our society needs to invest in inclusive employment for all, also and especially the most vulnerable: early school leavers and youngsters with low education levels or physical/mental impairments. A common geographical or transnational approach is required to address this economic and social challenge. Traditionally, diversity management propagates an inclusive human resources management, covering the employer-employee relationship.


Project meeting in Amsterdam

The second project meeting was held in Amsterdam, in May 2015. Partners discussed the tools to be developed during the 3 year cooperation. All tools will be continuously presented on the project website. An interesting discussion was held about legislation related to employing persons with disability and about presented examples of methodologies for inclusive employment in all participating countries.

Project meeting in Antwerp

The first project meeting in December 2014 was an opportunity for introduction and sharing of knowledge and experience among the partners organizations from Belgium, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Czech Republic. The detailed quality management plan was discussed and all project activities have been planned.

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